Bako National Park in Photos: Proboscis Monkeys, Bearded Pigs, & A Night Trek in Borneo

Bako National Park, founded in 1957, is in the northwest state of Sarawak, Malaysia, on the island of Borneo. The park is home to immense biodiversity, including the proboscis monkey with its comical nose and fiery fur (think: Jim Henson character). The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) put the proboscis, which is endemic to Borneo, on its endangered list in 2000. Mangrove logging and rainforest clearing for timber and palm oil plantations, and the converting of coastal land to shrimp farms contribute to loss of habitat–the primary threat to the species–while hunting further declines the population. Visit IUCN and BioOne Complete for more information and to learn about conservation efforts.


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